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Chimney Repointing

Chimney Repointing Sydney

Whether your chimney is collapsing due to moisture damage or aging, it is a serious issue that must be handled.

Repointing and rebuilding are two options for a damaged and collapsing chimney.

Chimney masonry services can restore your chimney to its former glory and save you from future troubles.

The chimney is secured in place by mortar joints. As the mortar joints deteriorate over time, they can produce voids in the surface of your chimney, such as between the bricks. This is frequently the result of exposure to the environment.

If the bricks of your chimney are in good condition, repointing may be the best solution for you. This solution helps in repairing both the appearance and structure of your chimney. Additionally, it prevents further damage and moisture from penetrating the space between the bricks. This is what might eventually cause significant structural damage to your chimney, to the point where it must be rebuilt.

Repointing involves grinding the mortar joints between the bricks by 20-25mm. The joints are then refilled with new mortar, and the surplus mortar is removed, resulting in a smooth and stunning new appearance for your chimney!

The good news is that you can eliminate the need for rebuilding or repointing your chimney by working with professionals. Annual chimney sweeps and inspections guarantee that your chimney is operating properly and its structural integrity is not jeopardised.

Brickfix Remedies have been in the business for over 20 years. Our cutting-edge chimney brick cleaning and masonry services are unmatched in Sydney. If you’re confused about whether your chimney requires repointing, rebuilding, or another form of repair, our skilled staff can assist you. Contact us to discuss these and other services.

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