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Repointing Sydney

Brick homes and commercial structures are attractive, warm, and inviting. Unfortunately, the mortar that ties the bricks together and supports the structure can disintegrate over time. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved with a common and very simple procedure known as repointing bricks and mortar.  One of the reasons mortar in brick walls deteriorates is due to weather conditions. Sun, rain, and even wind may degrade mortar, transforming it into dust.

Degradation might result in a loss of structural strength of the building. Once cracks emerge on the surface of bricks and mortar, they become exposed, allowing water to seep into the gaps. Water will also corrode and weaken the mortar joints over time, possibly leading to the collapse of a building. Good thing, brick restoration is never a problem if you trust all the work to BrickFix Remedies.

Additionally, BrickFix Remedies are high-risk certified which means we can supply and direct our own scaffolding, making it more cost and time effective for the client.

Brick Repointing

Brick reporting is one of the specialities of Brick Fix Remedies. It is a specialised trade that requires attention to detail. It is designed to fulfil both the structural and cosmetic concerns requiring brick repointing and restoration. Brickfix Remedies owner, Billy Ganley specialises in small facades in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. His 20 years of experience in brick restoration is popular among locals in Coogee and he has set high standards in the industry.

Our team of experts will remove the deteriorating mortar and replace it with a new modernised mortar with more strength than the old one. As a result, the finished product appears new and attractive, as if bricks and mortar were just laid. We also specialise in tuckpointing where we use matching colours of mortar in the joints of brickworks to give an artificial impression that very fine joints have been made.

Furthermore, if the bricks themselves require replacement, we will seek ways to restore and replace the damaged bricks and ensure the new bricks match the current ones. Additionally, we will replace any brick vents in the same fashion.

To arrange to restore the brick and mortar of your home or commercial brick building, contact us by phone or via our contact form. We also perform tuck and stone pointing with brick mortar pointing. Additionally, Brikfix Remedies can install and repair a brick fence. Do you require the installation of an arch bar over a door or window?

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