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Cavity Wall Ties & Crack Stitching

Cavity Wall Ties Sydney

Cavity ties are unseen components that connect the cavity wall’s internal and external leaves.

The ties are attached to the cavity wall during construction, with their ends bedded into the mortar bed at regular intervals.  The wall ties span the cavity, connecting the inner leaf with the weight to the outer leaf. Wall ties provide stability to the outer leaf by anchoring it to the wall. Additionally, they are designed to accommodate minor movements caused by temperature swings and prevent water transfer from the outside.

If the cracks in your masonry wall are not due to wall tie failure, you may wish to explore crack stitching to repair vertical and stepped gaps. If you notice cracks in your external walls, you may be concerned about your home’s structural integrity. There is no need to panic, as only a few cracks indicate a more significant structural problem. Generally, you can have crack repair right away since it’s not a serious problem to start with.

Failure of wall ties can be extremely costly if not recognised and addressed promptly. Wall tie failure can result in the entire collapse of an outer leaf wall in the most extreme circumstances. The more corroded or damaged the wall ties get, the more difficult they will replace. Therefore, it is prudent to take preventive actions against the causes of wall tie damage and cracks.

It can be difficult to determine precisely when and to what extent wall ties have deteriorated. The most common indicator of wall tie failure is the formation of horizontal fractures in the exterior wall. Surveyors typically evaluate the quality of the wall ties within the cavity wall using specialised equipment such as endoscopes.  It is critical to have a professional diagnosis before installing and replacing a wall tie. You might hire a professional to assess the property and create a wall tie survey to estimate the level of the problem. Typically, the survey will be conducted by a fully qualified structural engineer, and they have access to specialised equipment that can determine the wall tie’s condition.

Our masonry professionals combine traditional methods with cutting-edge technology to safeguard and enhance the building’s appearance. Brickfix Remedies ensures customer satisfaction. We are committed to offering professional service and high-quality masonry restoration to our consumers.

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