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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, repointing your property not only preserves the structural integrity it also increases the sale price of your prized asset.

Repointing refers to the process of carefully removing old mortar and replacing it with a new modernised mortar to bring your brickwork back to its original best. Tuckpointing on the other hand refers to a similar process where the damaged mortar is removed then replaced with new mortar with a color similar to the bricks. After this the process involves embedding a thin line of contrasting color (usually white) down the centers of the new mortar joints creating an artificial finesse look.

Bricks are generally highly absorbent by nature, both clay and concrete. The degree of which is established by how hard the brick was fired in the kiln and on the quality of the clay/concrete. The softer the brick, the higher the rate of absorption. If the brick retains dampness for a prolonged time and the drainage is poor, deterioration in the mortar and bricks can be quite significant. There is also the added factor of a relatively high salt content in the air, affecting structures especially close to the ocean. BrickFix Remedies have a range of waterproofing solutions to protect your brickwork from the harsh Australian elements.

At Brickfix Remedies we can make almost any colour that you require. Common colours consist of off white, cream/yellow, red, brown and charcoal. We can also match any existing mortar by carrying out test panels, letting them dry and choosing the correct mortar colour.