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Sandstone Repointing

Sandstone Repointing Sydney

Whether you’ve lived and worked in Sydney for years or are new to the city, you’re likely to find yourself in a historic property that needs some care and repair. The maintenance and repair of the exterior of any structure should be left to the experts that specialise in stone repointing to keep it looking its best at all times.

Repointing is the process of refilling the outside portion of joints where the prior mortar has deteriorated or been removed due to its unsuitability. Certain older brick and stone structures have been repointed at various times, frequently with various mortar mixes and styles.

When the bedding or jointing mortar has been wiped away, the sandstone is at risk of becoming unstable. Additionally, it may be important to mitigate the detrimental effects of cement mortars. Before beginning work, a survey of the current pointing mortar should be conducted to determine the extent of repointing necessary.


When raking sandstone footing for repointing, caution is needed, and appropriate equipment is used to avoid damage. Preparation of the mortar with care is also critical. Lime mortar must be used, and gritty sands should avoid clogging the joints. That is why you need a professional to do it for you.

Like bricks, repointing sandstone involves removing and replacing loose and rotting mortar between stones with Brickfix’s specially formulated mortar. Brickfix will ensure that the original structure and masonry of a stone construction are analysed and respected to extend and protect the structure’s historic appearance. Brickfix will always try to replace mortar with a formula as close to the original structure as possible to preserve the structure’s historical aesthetic and architectural integrity.

A typical issue that stone structures encounter is discolouration, most noticeable on external surfaces. Typically caused by weather and various fungus, Brickfix will also clean and restore the colour and freshness of each stone.

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