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Cavity Flashing Replacements

Cavity Flashing Replacements Sydney

When you need professional assistance with cavity flashing replacement, contact the experts at BrickFix Remedies. We provide cavity flashing repair and replacement services across Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Inner West & CBD.

What are Cavity Flashings?

Most of the time, masonry contractors put cavity flashing on their work. Flashing acts as a barrier that keeps water from getting into the building and sends it back out the wall. Cavity flashings are often necessary where the downward flow of water within the wall would be hindered or halted.

Flashings are also utilised under masonry copings, sills, and other horizontal surfaces. The type of material used will directly affect how long the flashing will last, especially in places where it will be exposed to sunlight or weather.

Cavity flashing needs a way for water to drain out of the wall, and this is usually done with weep holes or head joint vents at horizontal ends. The weeps should be put right above the flashing and go to the masonry drainage plane.

cavity flashing replacement

Why does Cavity Flashing need replacement?

Cavity flashing is meant to divert moisture through weep holes and other openings toward the exterior. However, due to everyday exposure to different weather conditions, or the use of unsuitable materials for the conditions, it can deteriorate over time.

Moisture might travel inside the structure if the flashing is missing, broken, or improperly built, causing water damage, mould development, and structural issues.

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