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Lintel and Arch Bar Replacement

Lintel Repairs Sydney

Structures like windows, doors and other openings are supported by arch bars and lintels

Arch bars and lintels, commonly made of steel, are prone to rusting and expanding over time. Because arch bars and lintels are vulnerable to corrosion if they have not been galvanised or if the flashing that is supposed to protect them has broken down. It is common for rust, brick cracking, and structural damage to occur when water seeps through steel. Other than being unsightly, this could also pose a safety risk. Repairs are immediately required.

Brickfix Remedies suggests that even the smallest fracture above a lintel should be repaired or reinforced as soon as possible, as this type of damage can quickly spread to other parts of the structure.  Our lintel bar replacement and repair services are meticulous, professional, and fast, whether your building has arches or steel bars and angles. The lintels above your windows, garages and doors can be repaired and reinforced to prevent further damage.

At Brickfix, we provide thorough, competent and fast lintel replacement services regardless of whether your project contains arches or steel bars and angles.

Brickfix takes pride in completing jobs in a highly professional and stylish manner, ensuring that any existing mortar is removed for a more clean and complete appearance. Brick replacement enables precise placement and weight reinforcement of the structure. We can also install cavity flashings along with determining the extent of damage to the arch bar or lintel. This minimises future damage from rainy weather and ensures that all water is drained from the cavity and out of the structure. This increases the structure’s safety and durability. We work to repair and reinforce lintels, which results in a stronger structure.

Our lintel repair and arch bar replacement services are intended to protect and enhance the structure’s surrounding brickwork. Brickfix can replace any corroded or damaged arch bar or lintels with the finest quality and the least amount of corrosion possible. Contact us immediately for a free quote on the arch bar or lintels for your construction. Brickfix is a highly competent company that takes great care, sensitivity, and effectiveness in meeting your structural needs.

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